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Metaphysical Techniques:
Havan and Yagya: (a vedic fire ritual)
Procedure for purification & nullification of evil negative forces


.... Yagya or fire ritual is a procedure of eradicating imperfections prevalent in our being.
It is a vedic procedure. It is a step towards a completely creating healthy body, mind and soul. In reality it is the only way to cleanse the body, mind and soul to ignite powerful inner spirit to fight evils aura – black magic – evil spells .
..... Fire destroys all imperfections – evil aura’s – negative forces after effect spells giving them a new form i.e. residual ash, to merge into the Earth. This is the truth behind the Havan and the Laws of creation.
..... This is performed for internal growth, purity, health, purifying the surroundings , ward off evils achieve a powerful protective nucleus , so that no evil eyes can enter our surrounding.
Through yagya or fire ritual , all energies that can enhance activities meant for one’s welfare - progression can be attracted.
...... The basis of this ritual is to ignite the support of visible, invisible situations and the consciousness prevalent in all being and matter, necessary for peace, happiness and abundance. The effect of each deed thus performed is for the person’s fulfilling desire.


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.... Do not pls forget to mention your full name - date of birth & other person's full name & his date of birth whom you suspect has put up black magic or negative forces around you , in private emails , so that we can get a clear view as regards your problem.
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